Building Canberra’s future, project by project

There was a bit of a sniffy article published in the Canberra Times this week about the current ACT government’s ambitions for the territory’s future infrastructure.

As far as I can tell, the newspaper got hold of an ACT government ‘wish list’ for all the things they’d like to build in Canberra over the coming years.

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The Syney Opera House, seen from the Manly ferry.

Taking the slow train to Sydney

Inter-city train travel in Australia isn’t fast. It takes more than four hours to travel the 286km from Canberra to Sydney, but what the journey lacks in speed, it more than makes up for with its in-flight entertainment, otherwise known as the scenery.

Whatever the merits of living in Canberra, it’s fair to say that Australia’s capital doesn’t represent most people’s view of a classic Australian landscape – at least, not until you head out into the countryside. But board one of the three daily trains that leave Canberra’s only station and the ‘real Australia’ quickly reveals itself. Continue reading