Welcome home

A Qantas Dash 400 aircraft at a domestic gate at Sydney Airport.

The Canberra flight awaits, with Sydney’s international terminal in the background.

I ran. Sydney airport had somehow managed to take 90 minutes to deliver the bags from my inbound London flight to the luggage carousel, where I needed to clear customs before checking them in again for my onwards domestic flight to Canberra.

I dodged the swarm of amblers, greeters and sign-readers on the 500 metre or so walk from International Arrivals to the Domestic Transfers hall. I had imagined it differently – it was almost a year to the day since the whole CBRbound family had arrived via the same route as new migrants. Continue reading

Placing the accent on life down under

A few weeks ago, Miley Cyrus affected an Australian accent for a TV prank which was more Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins than Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee.

Normally, the doings of Miley and her type wouldn’t register on my radar, but I’ve developed a keen ear for accents of late, particularly since I started detecting the early signs of an Aussie accent in nine year old Mini-CBRbound. Continue reading

Getting lucky in Canberra

A few days ago, I published a post on some of the things that have made a positive impression upon us since we arrived in Canberra.

It wasn’t the kind of list to construct a tourist weekend around. Rather, it detailed all the things that make Canberra so liveable for new migrants – you know, boring but essential stuff such as bike paths, bus services, libraries and so on.
Continue reading

The distance of time

My return visit to Copenhagen is at an end and, after a 24 hour stop-off in England, I’ll be on my way back home to Canberra very shortly.

Being back among familiar faces and places has been simultaneously fun, exhausting, repetitive and like I’ve never been away. But being here has also taught me something about why it’s hard to be away from our former home. Continue reading

Home from home

A Carlsberg billboard ad proclaiming Denmark as the world's happiest country.

The perfect welcome awaits at Copenhagen airport.

I’m back in Copenhagen for the first time since we moved to Canberra and it’s wonderful (no pun intended) to be here.

During the long flight over from Australia, I wondered how I would feel about being back in what is my favourite city in the world – would I regret leaving, would I feel that the place had moved on and lost its personal welcome, or would I realise that the time had been right for a separation and that all things, however good, have an end. Continue reading

A baby's rattle.

Where will our family roots be?

A friend of mine asked me a very strange question the other day. “Where would you like to be buried?”

Perhaps I was looking particularly rough after an early morning flight and a late night of catching up, or perhaps he had some medical information that I wasn’t privy to yet. I floundered for a moment, nonplussed.

“Serious question,” he pressed. “Where would you like to be buried when you die?” Continue reading

The fears and the thrills of emigrating

It’s exactly 30 days until we board our flight to Canberra, but what was it that made us leave the UK in the first place, and why is it that we have no desire to return?

I can still remember all the significant moments in the months leading up to our departure from the UK. I’d been working for the same company for 15 years and I was in my late-30s. I had a great job, I really liked the company I was working for and there were plenty of potential ‘next steps’ on my career path. And yet I was restless.

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