Five things I miss about the UK

It would be easy to conclude that I have little affection for the UK, and it’s true that, even if we weren’t moving to Australia, we probably still wouldn’t move back. But a few final trips home before we move to Canberra have helped me to see my home country in a marginally new light.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, in London.

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What’s wrong with the UK?

Newspaper headline: No shirt, no pants, no worries.

The relaxed Australian lifestyle is a big attraction.

After 10 years in Denmark, our decision to move to Australia has some of its roots in wanting to feel closer to the place where we live – culturally, linguistically, socially and professionally. So the obvious question is: why not move back to the UK? After all, it still offers many of the things that are on our list of ‘things to look forward to’.

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