Ask the family: Mr Pup speaks

A cockerpoo dog.

Mr Pup still shudders when he thinks of his time in quarantine.

The member of the family who had the most difficult journey to Australia was our family dog Mr Pup. The many weeks of quarantine were particularly hard on him, not to mention us. A full year later, I asked him about his first year in Australia and whether the upheaval has been worth it. Continue reading

Bringing your dog to Canberra: Six top tips

A cockerpoo dog relaxing in the sun

Finding a home that would take Mr Pup influenced our choice of neighbourhood.

It’s been a long haul to get Mr Pup from Denmark to Canberra, but a few days after his homecoming, he seems to be settling in nicely.

In response to my last post, I was asked by the nice people at Canberra Your Future to offer some tips for new migrants who want to bring their dog to Canberra, so here goes. Continue reading

The homecoming king

Mr Pup on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River.

Mr Pup wants to go for a swim. Are you coming?

It all started with an innocuous email, which contained an invoice from Sydney’s Eastern Creek quarantine facility.

If we’ve got a final bill, then we must have a release date for Mr Pup, we reasoned. And sure enough, after a bit of email and voicemail tag, on Friday night we learnt that Mr Pup could come home the next day.

It’s a three hour drive from Canberra to Sydney, and we’re still new enough to Australia to be wary of roos on the road at dawn and dusk. Our plan had been to drive up the night before, stay in a cheap motel and be waiting outside the quarantine facility, Blues Brothers-like, when the doors opened in the morning. But this was the night before, and there was no time to book a hotel, we’d have to do the six-hour round trip in one go.
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A cockerpoo dog.

Mr Pup and the quarantine challenge

I’ve always thought that our relationships with our animals reveal a lot about who we are. For me, once an animal becomes part of our family, it stays exactly that – a member of the family, commanding all the love, devotion and loyalty that any other family member would warrant.

Mr & Mrs Pip made the trip from the UK to Denmark.

Mr & Mrs Pip made the trip from the UK to Denmark.

When I accepted a job with the company that originally relocated me and my family to Denmark, I became famous in the HR department as the only person to ever negotiate the international relocation of two rabbits (Mr & Mrs Pip) as part of my contract. So, when it came to planning our move to Australia, our family dog Mr Pup figured large in our conversations. Continue reading