Finding the right neighbourhood in Canberra

Finding somewhere to live from 15,000km away is a pretty tough job, and our own experience benefited from a certain amount of serendipity. Even so, there was a method behind our decision to live in Canberra’s Nicholls suburb. It all started with a research trip a couple of years ago. Continue reading

A cockerpoo dog.

Mr Pup and the quarantine challenge

I’ve always thought that our relationships with our animals reveal a lot about who we are. For me, once an animal becomes part of our family, it stays exactly that – a member of the family, commanding all the love, devotion and loyalty that any other family member would warrant.

Mr & Mrs Pip made the trip from the UK to Denmark.

Mr & Mrs Pip made the trip from the UK to Denmark.

When I accepted a job with the company that originally relocated me and my family to Denmark, I became famous in the HR department as the only person to ever negotiate the international relocation of two rabbits (Mr & Mrs Pip) as part of my contract. So, when it came to planning our move to Australia, our family dog Mr Pup figured large in our conversations. Continue reading