Depression, stigma and Aussie visas

This post has been floating around in my head for a while now and it has been ushered into reality by a confluence of events that seem unlikely bedfellows – the downing of a passenger jet, a bid to make a short film, an uncomfortable memory, and the Australian visa process.
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A healthy tip for new migrants

As a new migrant to Australia, there are some things that take longer than others to understand. And none, save pensions, seem more complex to me than the issue of healthcare and private health insurance.

I’d like to say that we’ve cracked it and that, below, you’ll find a short précis of all the things you’ll need to know as a new arrival in Canberra, but that’s far from the truth. But what I have cracked is a little tip that so important that I shudder to think that we may have missed it. Continue reading