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Finding work in Canberra

Whenever you make a big change in your life, it’s inevitable that you consider the odds of failure too – of falling flat on your face while others shake their heads and whisper: “I thought that might happen.”

This comes to mind most frequently when friends ask us if we have jobs lined up and waiting for us in Canberra and we say: “No, but we’re starting to look already and hopefully we’ll find something soon after arrival.” At this, they usually raise their eyebrows and the conversation shifts to the Australian weather: “Still, you’ll be arriving in time for summer.” Continue reading

The fears and the thrills of emigrating

It’s exactly 30 days until we board our flight to Canberra, but what was it that made us leave the UK in the first place, and why is it that we have no desire to return?

I can still remember all the significant moments in the months leading up to our departure from the UK. I’d been working for the same company for 15 years and I was in my late-30s. I had a great job, I really liked the company I was working for and there were plenty of potential ‘next steps’ on my career path. And yet I was restless.

Continue reading

The moment of truth

The reality of our move is slowly creeping up on us. In a previous post, I mentioned that the first big milestone in our journey to Australia was receiving news that our visa application had been approved. Immediately afterwards, we went on a research trip down under, but after that, things pretty much returned to normal.

Things really took a leap forwards about six weeks ago, when we finally received an offer we were happy with for our house in Denmark. After accepting the offer verbally, we had to go into the office of our estate agent and sign all the legal paperwork which would make the deal binding. Continue reading