A towering opportunity

A sign barring access to the viewing platform at Telstra Tower.

The no admittance sign makes a regular appearance at Telstra Tower.

Canberra has its fair share of critics, and much of the mud thrown at the city is unwarranted, so I want to be careful about criticising any of the capital’s attractions, lest I should unwittingly join  the ranks of the Canberra-bashers.

But there’s one feature here that really could do with a little more imagination and TLC than it seems to have received of late, and that’s the needlepoint landmark that is Telstra Tower.

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Australia’s national sport: Canberra bashing

A child riding a pony at sunset.

These are the views every Canberran knows and no Canberra-basher will admit to.

Once you start researching a move to Canberra, it doesn’t take you long to realise that Australians have a rather schizophrenic relationship with their own capital, to the extent that ‘Canberra-bashing’ would easily compete with cricket and Aussie rules football for the title of national sport.

The uneasy between Aussies and Canberra seems to taken as carte-blanche for others to say what they like about the place, whether based on fact or not. Continue reading