Street names with a modern twist

A street sign indicating the turn-off for James Kirk Street.

Now that’s what I call a street name.

My early research into the housing market has turned up something unexpected yet entirely predictable as we investigate house prices and neighbourhoods in and around the Canberra suburb of Gungahlin.

I can’t decide whether it’s intentional or accidental, but it seems to me that the people in charge of naming Canberra’s streets have a pretty good sense of humour.

As someone who grew up in London and arrived here by way of Copenhagen, I’m used to street names whose etymology is lost in the mists of time. Perhaps they signal the site of a hanging, an old Viking settlement, or commemorate a long dead nobleman or woman.

In Canberra, the layers of European history are slightly shallower, which creates a different type of challenge for those in the planning department. So, for every street that may be named after an eminent citizen, there are those that seem to imply much more modern references.

Just around the corner from our house, there’s a Moriarty Street, but I have yet to find a Holmes Crescent (or perhaps a Letsby Avenue). On our drive to the shops, there’s a Batman Street, which the kids love driving past.

My personal favourite, however, is James Kirk Street. As a long-time Star Trek fan, I’d pay a premium to live there. If there’s a number 1701, so much the better. I may even have a chance of convincing Mrs CBRbound that now is the time to buy that USS Enterprise-shaped post box I’ve been coveting for a while now. Or maybe not.


4 thoughts on “Street names with a modern twist

  1. You need to go and buy that book about Canberra suburbs and street names. I think you’d pick one up at a Canberra Connect if they actually still have shop fronts or it may even have migrated online.

    It may be that Gunghalin is a little known Star Trek alien overlord and that James Kirk street (they forgot the ‘T’), really is named after the Captain of the Starship Enterprise.


    • I’d really like to believe that, and that there’s a Spider-Man Street somewhere, and perhaps a Klingon Crescent. These things would make me very happy. I’ll look out for the book but it might be less vivid and satisfying than my own imagination.


    • Ha ha, I feared as much. All the same, in choosing the name for a Gungahlin street, and choosing to use both forename and surname, I’d wager there was an element of ‘knowing’ on the part of someone in the planning department.


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