Removals day

This is going to be a short one. I’m tapping away on my phone while our belongings are being packed away into layers of paper, then boxes, then a truck.


Out stuff is heading off a few weeks before we do because, given the time it takes to ship a container to Australia — anywhere between six and 10 weeks, we still don’t have a fixed estimate — we decided that we’d rather have an empty house in October in Denmark, than an empty house at Christmas in Canberra.

In other news, we collected the travel cage for Mr Pup yesterday so we could have a few weeks to familiarise him with it. I think it’s fair to say he is eyeing it suspiciously.

The neighbours can see our stuff bring packed up and keep popping by to say goodbye. They seem to have built up to this and appear disappointed to learn that we will be here for a few weeks yet.

The last few days have challenged our organisational skills to their limit. We are packing suitcases for the next 10 weeks — clothes for the cold autumn rain that has now gripped Scandinavia, clothes for the warm spring now bathing southeastern Australia, clothes for carrying boxes, clothes for possible job interviews, clothes for kids’ sports activities, plus all the shoes to match, a mini-first aid kit, and so on.

Then there’s the stuff for our final few weeks here — a few old saucepans and plates that we can discard as we head to the airport, a towel or two, wash bags, sleeping bags (although we still haven’t worked out what we’re going to do about pillows). It feels as though 80 percent of our live is heading out of the door while the other 20 percent needs to be lugged around for the next few months.

It’s time to move on, and the piles of boxes and suitcases are the strongest evidence yet. We’ve a few weeks left in Denmark before we head to the airport, but our move officially starts today. Wish us luck.

13 thoughts on “Removals day

  1. Birte Andersen says:

    Pack whatever you want to take to Australia and borrow from friends and nabours if you need tings …we can provide pillows if you need some … The same goes with plates knives and forkes – just let us know 😃


  2. Good luck guys! Wishing you all the best! Have you got vacuum sealer bags that side? We’ve found that to be supremely useful for packing clothes and bedding especially – stuff the bags, attach a vacuum – suck out all the air and voila.. a quarter of the size!


    • Thanks Jason. Y’know, I live in fear of those, ever since I saw security make a poor woman unpack hers at the airport so they could inspect it. She was then left with belongings at least twice the size of the bag they came out of. We’re packing frugally though, helped by the list of all the stuff you can’t take 🙂


      • Well now I’m worried about those too! haha I’ll have to take a vacuum with just to REPACK it! I don’t imagine security would be all too impressed by a request to “suck it”… 🙂


      • You’ll probably be fine but a scene like that lives with you. Ooh, yes, smart comments to security are never a good idea. I made that mistake once and got a severe look. Could have been much worse though.


  3. Birte Andersen says:

    You might consider to bring a glas of Herring or something like that in your luggage – you will have to declaire it at custums …. BUT that means that you enter a way shorter line and get through custums so much faster – and they will most likely let you take the herrings and if not, well, you´ve won 1hour 🙂


  4. You must might not get this anymore as you have moved on by now. But I just discovered your blog last week.

    We are almost at the same point in time. We are also packing for our immigration to Canberra. And also wondering how to survive 6 weeks of winter in the Netherlands and 4 weeks of summer in Canberra, all with one suitcase. We’ll manage I guess.

    Looking forward to reading all your posts!


    • Hi Mick, Yes, although the story of our move is at an end, I still monitor the site. Your situation is precisely why I left the site up, even though I no longer post regularly — as a reference resource for others in the future. Good luck with your move. My experience of the Netherlands is that, in many ways, it has much in common with Scandinavia, so I’d expect that you might notice many of the same differences as we did. Cramming everything you will need for three months into a few suitcases is certainly a huge challenge. We arrived with mostly summer clothes, but we underestimated how variable Canberra weather can be, so you may yet be glad that you kept those winter clothes handy! This is an exciting time but also quite nerve-wracking. I wish you well and if you have any questions as your big day gets closer, just ask away.
      With best wishes, Mark

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      • Thanks Mark, Yes it is weird phase right now. Counting down in NL and not really motivated anymore to put energy in this ‘ life’ and yet not able to start the ‘new life’ in Canberra. But again it is all part of the game 😉

        Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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