Canberra’s family favourites

This time next month, we’ll be moving out of our house in Denmark for the last time. A few days later, we’ll head to Copenhagen airport and board our one-way flights to Canberra.

In planning all of this. It’s easy to become subsumed by the organisational grind of everything, so to provide some light relief, I asked each member of my family which aspect of Canberra life they were most looking forward to. Continue reading

Five things I miss about the UK

It would be easy to conclude that I have little affection for the UK, and it’s true that, even if we weren’t moving to Australia, we probably still wouldn’t move back. But a few final trips home before we move to Canberra have helped me to see my home country in a marginally new light.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, in London.

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What Australia means to me


Australian flag

One day, I hope this will be the flag that my kids think of as signifying home.

As we wrap up our lives in Europe, I’ve spent a fair amount of time reflecting on the past – the people, places and things that we’ll be leaving behind when we move to Canberra next month. It’s prompted a few people to say that I seem sad and regretful about going, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, in today’s post, I’m only going to look forward, and I’m going to try to give you a sense of the building exciting in our house, and why our move to Canberra feels like the fulfilment of a long held dream. Continue reading

The five best things about living in Denmark

Denmark has been good to us and it’s no reflection on Denmark or the Danes that we are moving to Australia. In fact, our ability to build a successful life here from scratch has almost certainly given us the confidence to think we can do it again down under.

So, with apologies to those who are only interested in the Australian aspect of our move, here are the five best things for us about living in Denmark. Continue reading

The goodbye party that never was

Time is running away from us in the countdown to our move to Canberra and there are already a few tasks that were on our August ‘to do’ list that have been highlighted in luminous marker pen as being overdue.

One such task was to have a goodbye party, to which we would invite all our friends here in Denmark. Alas, when it comes to sorting our jobs list into ‘must dos’ and ‘nice to dos’ our big send-off falls into the latter category and is unlikely to happen now. Continue reading

Farewell, my friend

Last week, on a supposedly impromptu trip back to England, my wife surprised me with concert tickets for one of my favourite bands. That, in itself, was a lovely thing to do, but when we arrived at the concert, I also found that she’d arranged one more surprise – there, outside the venue, were my two oldest friends, waiting to meet us.

It created a genuine ‘double-take’ moment. “Hey, those two blokes look like… oh my God!” Needless to say, we had a fabulous evening, and I almost lost my voice in the effort of catching up with my friends while standing in front of two enormous speaker stacks. Continue reading